Doula visits in pospartum time

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For whom?

For a woman 

  • in postpartum time, and her relatives
  • after the first or next birth
  • without  support around her

What is it for?

Doula visits you at your house. She helps in current needs, e.g. she can clean a bit, prepare a plain meal for you or play with older child. She offers you help in taking care of a newborn. She can help you to tie a wrap or to bathe your baby. She supports the natural process of breastfeeding and postpartum regeneration. She can offer you rebozo massage or manual therapy (depending on the doula). She stays in contact with other specialists, and helps to find one if you need any (a midwife, a physiotherapist or a breastfeeding consultant). If these specialists also work in our Center, she can pass them her observations (with your consent), which can help to get the right support sooner.

How it works?

You can meet your doula before the birth to get to know each other and understand what needs and expectations you have. We can write a postpartum plan together. After birth you contact the doula and schedule visits.  Each meeting  lasts 2,5 – 3 hours. The best time to get support is during postpartum time (6 weeks after delivery). The frequency of visits is agreed individually, according to your needs.

If you decide to buy your package before the labour, meeting with your doula would be a good idea – together you can create your plan of confinement. It will help you in preparation to this demanding but beautiful time.


The price: 300 zł/2,5 hours *

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*The price of the package is set individually and depends on the number of scheduled meetings.