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We are one of the first independent childbirth schools in Cracow, our oldest child is already 18 years old.


Do you feel that childbirth is more than just a hospital treatment? That there is something mysterious, powerful and sacred in it? We KNOW there is!

Family Midwifery Care Centre KOALA has over 17 years of experience 🙂


We were among pioneers who spread the idea of active birth in Cracow. Supported by The Foundation for Childbirth with Dignity we promote a new approach to childbirth, maternity and fatherhood. From the beginning it was essential to us to share our experience and knowledge with people expecting children, that allowed them to turn their fear into activeness, lack of sense of control into body confidence, and fright into specific skills and reliable information. During the last eleven years of KOALAs work we have not only expanded our team, but we also advanced our teaching and coaching techniques.

School’s current programme is an effect of constant evaluation of our activities. It results from a shared experience of nearly 10 000 KOALA’s former students. Through the years, together with them we have set high standards of leading the birth-preparation classes, workshops and a range of additional courses, that prepare for childbirth and parenthood in comprehensive way.


KOALA isn’t just like any newly created institution. We don’t follow trends – we set them! We hope our common, long-term experience can prove to be helpful to you as well.

We would love to accompany you in this special time!

Anna Przybylska and KOALA team

Contact us

Family Midwifery Care Centre KOALA
Mobile: +48 692 992 555
E-mail: koala@koala.krakow.pl

office, classes:
Retoryka 1/16, 31-108 Cracow

office hours:
Monday 9.00-17.00
Tuesday 9.00-15.00
Wednesday 9.00-17.00
Thursday 9.00-15.00
Friday 9.00-17.00


Bank account details:
Rodzinne Centrum Położnicze KOALA
ul. Norymberska 10c/3, 30-376 Kraków
mBank 94 1140 2004 0000 3102 4317 2675