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For whom?

You can hire a doula if you are planning birth on your own. Doula can also accompany you both – woman at birth and your partner.


Doula comes to the place you call her. We are working at both: home and hospital births. If you choose to have hospital birth we can also start our support at home and help you at the very beginning of the birth. When there is time to go to hospital we go together and support you constantly.

What we do?

Doula in greeks means a woman who serves. This is basically what doula does – whatever the woman in labour needs. During meetings before the labour we learn what could be needed and what plans, ideas and predictions you have. When we understand you and your idea of birth it is easier to respond in the right way and fulfil your needs. 

We support physically – massage, changing positions, provide comfort,help to move and use utensils at the birth room. Thanks to the fact that we understand how physiology of birth works, we are able to support it and help women in producing natural hormones, especially oxytocin.  

We are also supporting communication with healt proffesionals. Not only by traslation but also by giving them information what kind of birth you would like to have and what would you like to avoid. If any changes in your plan are necessary we help you in understanding the situation and we are supporting you. 

We are also supporting your  partner if you decide to be together. We give him information, encourage and show how to be supportive and helpfull.

How hiring doula looks like?

First contact with a doula is free of charge. Telephone, on-line or live meeting, lasting 20-30 minutes is to understand if the doula is a person who is able to respond your needs. Then we need at least one meeting. You can meet and get to know better. Doula is able to understand your wisches and attitude. If you have a birth plan you can discuss it together. You can be with or without a partner on it. 

Doula starts her work two weeks before the due date. You can call or text her all the time if you need any support or information. When the labour starts you call your doula and she comes wherever you need her. She is constantly with you during whole birth and two hours after. Doula keeps contact with you also in early postpartum time.


Birth with doula cost - 2900 zł

The price include:

  • 1 meeting with doula before the birth (stationary, by phone or online)
  • birth with doula
  • 2 meeting with doula after delivery

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