Birth School in English

We invite you to Koala Birth School. We will help you to understand what birth looks like and why several things are happening.


 We will help you to choose the suitable hospital and show you how to pack necessary things to your bag. You will get to know how to recognize the proper time to go to the hospital. We make sure you know what kind of rights you have in a hospital and how does a hospital care look like. We will support you, educate and accompany you in this important and beautiful stage of life – becoming parents.

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Whole course takes 15 hours (5 hours per each day with breaks, whole course takes 3 days). You can see whole program in section Program.
We recommend to take part in birth school between 6th and 8th month of pregnancy.

If the dates are not suitable for you, we would like to invite you to individual meetings. If you’re interested please contact us, so we could set dates and place that suit you the best!

We also have fitness classes! Just jump HERE to get more info.

What is the program od the course? It is below in Program section.
*Okay, and how do I sign up? Take a look in Timetable section 🙂

*We reserve the right to cancel the course if the number of participants does not exceed the required minimum number – 4 pairs

Onsite course (Retoryka 1 Street) – organizational details:
– before entering Koala, please sanitize your hands, liquid is prepared at the door
– after entering, please put on shoes protectors (they are in the basket in the hall) or change/leave your shoes
– you will receive pens and scripts, we encourage you to take notes 🙂
– we have prepared paper disposable cups for drinks (water, coffee / tea), but if you prefer something more durable, and in care of our planet, which takes a lot of extra plastic recently, we encourage you to bring your own filter bottles or cups


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Beginning of the labour

How does the mother's body change before the labour and how to recognise the beginning of the labour? When actually is the right time to go to the hospital, not to arrive too early or too late? How to distinguish practice contractions from the contractions starting an actual labour? How to recognise waters breaking and what to do then? What to pack to the hospital? – mother’s and baby’s bags.

Natural childbirth

A natural childbirth - what is it like? The role of hormones during the labour. Physiology of the childbirth. The new standard in medical regulations - the rights of mother, father and baby in a delivery room, at a maternity ward and in a neonatal unit. What is an active birth? The importance of a position during the labour. The role of assisting person. A review of labour wards in Cracow.

Why is labour painful?

Why is labour painful? Nonpharmacological methods of pain relief. The role of assisting person. Massage, pressure massage (practical session). Active relaxation and breathing techniques (practical session). Exercises in upright positions using a birth ball, birthing stool and beanbag.

Hello baby!

Prepare your body to the childbirth - is episiotomy inevitable? Prevention of ailments in the confinement, first days in a hospital, losing weight after pregnancy.

Hello baby - early contact with a newborn just after a delivery. Formalities after childbirth, registration of a child, environmental midwife (a midwife who visits you after leaving a hospital).The confinement from partner’s point of view - how can I help you, honey? Emotions - baby blues - maternity can be difficult sometimes.


Advantages of breastfeeding. How does it happen that your breasts produce a perfect amount of milk? Positions in breastfeeding (exercises with dolls). How to cope with possible lactation problems? How to support nursing mother? Giving birth by C-section - contact with a baby after the delivery, self-observation - what is important or worrying?

Baby's needs

How to identify baby’s needs and how to give them sense of security in their first weeks after a delivery. Caring for your baby, attachment parenting, wraps - how to tie them. Nappy change (exercises with dolls), dressing and bath (exercises with dolls). Caring for your newborn’s belly button. Layette - what do you need to buy and what is unnecessary. How to arrange a space for a baby. How to prepare your older child and your animals for a newborn.

In case you're going to have a Caesarean delivery, please contact us so we can arrange for you an additional class with midwife. Normal course doesn't comprise such topics.



Cost: 1200 PLN per each Mum (three fitness classes included), accompanying person is invited for free :)

In case you need an invoice, please send us before the payment the details and information if you need to have just one invoice (in this case, we also need to have just one payment on our account).

After signing up, up to 24h you will get an e-mail with the details about the payment and course organization.


Cost of individual classes for one Mom or a couple: 300 PLN / 1 hour (60 min)

At least 3 days before individual meeting we would ask you to transfer a prepayment (100 PLN). In case of resigning, the payment is not refundable.


"Better knowledge gives us more confidence and preparation for many unknown stuff ahead. "

" Lots of great information, great answers to questions "

" You are aware of pain you will feel and can be prepared to deal with it. You learn how to cope with all possible situations before, through and after delivery. "

" A great advantage is that you get to practice and live a bit the wonderful experience of having a baby and being a parent before becoming them for real! "

" A lot of useful knowledge, huge space for questions. Very nice atmosphere :)"


Month Day Hours Schedule of classes Available places Sign up for course
May Saturdays 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 04.05, 18.05, 25.05 No places available
June Monday and Wednesday 6 p.m. - 8.30 p.m. 03.06, 05.06, 10.06, 12.06, 17.06, 19.06 No places available
June Saturdays 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. 08.06. 15.06, 22.06 4 sign up >